11 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Eleventh Bday Of Your Girl


Are you looking for some great ideas to gift an 11-year-old girl? We present here some cool ideas that will set you thinking about which of them your 11-year-old will like.

Gift Ideas For The 11th Birthday Of Your Girl

Coloring Cafe-Cuppa Cute Journal: A fashion inspired coloring journal Diary

Ronnie Walter’s Coloring Cafe- Coloring Books, for Grown-up Girls series now presents a journal for making notes with 35 illustrations your pre-teen girl can fill with color. This little journal is a lot of fun and has fashion-oriented drawings. She’s going to love it.

Chocolate Pen: Sky Rocket 1508 Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Gift your 11-year-old this chocolate pen and let her draw all kinds of delicious shapes made with real chocolate. She can write melt-in-the-mouth messages and fill candy molds with a lot of design and detailing. This pen kit contains a lot that she can use to make artistic treats–chocolate in several colors, 50 candy molds, several pen tips and much more.

Birthday Gift Ideas For The Eleventh Bday Of Your Girl


Nail Art Studio: Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

This kit teaches pre-teen girls to make 25 beautiful designs to paint her nails with easy to follow step by step instructions. This nail art tool kit makes manicuring perfect. This salon-style design tool and paste on stencils make the most complicated designs look completely doable.

iTunes Gift Card: iTunes 25$

An Apple iTunes gift card can be redeemed for music, games, apps, movies, TV on the iTunes App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store. By gifting her a money or gift card she will be able to buy just what she wants.

Spa Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit by ALEX Toys

Young girls love to experiment with their looks, like putting colour in their hair. With this kit, your 11-year-old girl can add highlights to her hair using several techniques taught here. This set comes with five hair chalk pens, 24 elastic and metallic beads for the hair and a hair beading tool. This kit stimulates the creativity of young girls and teaches them visual motor coordination.


Ekta Jewellery Boutique(Junior)Fun Game

This fun game boosts the imagination of young girls and introduces them to designing jewellery. This kit comes with several beads and patterns that can be strung together to form pretty jewellery. You can find acrylic clasps, hooks, loops, wire and much more. Now, young girls can design their own jewellery. This kit gives girls the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination and create attractive jewellery.

A Handful of Stars

This book, written for 11-year-olds by Cynthia Lord, is about Lily who befriends Salma Santiago, the daughter of a migrant. Salma opens up Lily’s mind by giving her a new perspective to life–to dream big and be optimistic. This novel is a very sensitive story about growing up and friendship.

Doodle pillow

This doodle 100% superfine cotton pillowcase can be personalized so that this girl can make her own designs and doodles on the pillowcase. It also comes with a set of 10 doodle color wash out pens. It’s great for all bedrooms, birthdays, sleepovers, etc.


Alex Toys Do It Yourself Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets Craft Kit, Multi Color

Here are 24 beads that a girl can easily customized and create her own bracelet. It’s also possible to add charms and metal beads to the bracelet. Girls can also gift these bracelets to their friends. This kit includes a molding tool, five air dry clay, two bracelets and pins each, eight beads and charms, 24 eyelets, glitter glue, etc.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet and Mermaid Blanket for adult, Super Soft All Seasons Sleeping Blankets, 71″x 35.5″, Blue

This package contains a LAGHCAT mermaid blanket, a casual day pack and a unique LAGHCAT silver color necklace. If your girl longs to dress like a mermaid, give her this tail blanket and let her dream come true. This blanket will keep her warm in all kinds of cold weather–spring, autumn and winter.

Waterproof Boys/Girls/Kids/Children’s Digital Sports Watch Gift for 5-12 Years Old Yellow)

Here’s a trendy watch she’s going to love wearing. This watch is tough, has a plastic case and a stainless steel buckle and a waterproof soft PU watchband. This analog sports watch is stylish and makes a great birthday gift for young girls. It tells the time, day and date and gives an alarm and an hourly chime.


These 11 birthday ideas are each different from the others and are easily available. They are all non-toxic and safe to use and wear.