Best Winter Grains for Your Kid


Kids grow up fast and their demands start growing. Demands in terms of growth and development keep rising and you as a responsible parent need to address this requirement. And of course, your little one will not be easy to handle as they will start fussing. This fuss generally crops up due to changes in the food! However, there are seasonal variations also which needs to be handled. Especially, grains that are given to your kid needs to be monitored. You should know the best grains for your kid. The below write up will pen down the best winter grains for your kid.

Winter Grains for Your Kid

Winter Grains

Whole Wheat:

The most widely known grain for your kid is whole wheat. Full of nutrition and fiber, this grain should be the first on your list. Whole wheat noodles, bread and roti are best ways to take the nutrition into your kid. Low glycemic whole wheat varieties are available in the market. This makes your life easier!

Whole Oats:

Most modernly derived food, whole oats is the fiber-rich food. Also, contains antioxidants and iron that strengthens the body. Your little one will need the nutrients for growth and development. Oats can be consumed with milk and honey. In general, oats would be of no taste and will not be liked by kids. The acquired taste will be developed over time. Daily consumption of oats will give best results.


Widely available and easily accessible rye has immense benefits for kids. At least, 50% of the iron requirements by the body will be taken care by the whole rye. Processed and refined flours will generate whole rye. Nutrition levels of rye is high; however, the taste is again acquired and you need to find innovative ways to get your kid adjusted to the same.


This is an ancient grain which is full of nutrients. The nutrients include high proteins, vitamin B, magnesium and iron. The wonderful chewy texture makes it easy for the kids. You can, however, add honey to taste. The same grain can become a part of the regular meals or as a side dish.


Winter Millets:

Gluten sensitive kids need not stay away from winter grains. Winter millets are the best alternative. The wonderful flavor and easy to digest millets are highly nutritious. It is flooded with essential amino acids and vitamins, also containing essential trace elements like magnesium and zinc. Millets are also versatile in nature and can be coupled with salads, appetizers, lunch, dinner etc.


Most widely used as a raw material in beer production, barley is also a nutritious grain. Containing high amounts of vitamin B, fibers and other metals like magnesium and iron, barley is the perfect winter grain for your kid. The high amount of nutrition will supply the body instant energy and promote growth and development. Barley can be a part of all soups, stews and a nutritious part of risottos.


The lesser-known spelt, a winter grain, has been around from the pre-historic times. The low gluten content and a high nutritional value make it an easy food for kids. The grain is highly rich in manganese, copper and zinc, the metals which are required for various biochemical pathways.

Brown Rice:

Your kid would be soon bored of the same rice. Make things different for the winters. Bring home the flooded with nutrients, brown rice. Brown rice is full of healthy nutrients antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Brown rice has a higher chance of getting your kid interested as it contains the wonderful aroma of basmati rice.


Yes, as crazy as it sounds, crazy are its nutrient levels. This is an Arabic grain and known for a long time and has 4x the amount of fiber than brown rice. The important metals like selenium and magnesium help in boosting the immune system. This awesome grain also acts a prebiotic during stomach upsets. Thus, making it just the perfect grain for kids.


This is a common pancake grain which is widely used. The grain acts as a wonder drug to boost brain power. Boosting brain’s function is crucial in growing kids. Various recipes of pancakes make this grain forever available for your kids.



This iron and protein powerhouse will power up your kid with a lot of energy and strength. The grain is also used for preparing tabbouleh salad which in turn supplies a lot of iron and magnesium. The cooking time being negligible makes it a perfect winter grain choice.

Pearl Millet:

This is one of the most widely grown millet type in India. Full of nutrients, this winter grain is the perfect food for your kid. Since pre-historic time, this millet is serving as one of the major food sources. Having the ability to grow under drought conditions this grain is clearly a bank of nutrition making it perfect for kids.

Grains are a healthy part of your kid’s diet. Compromising on the same would mean your kid suffering energy requirements and weak immune system. Flush your kid’s day with the above grains and let them enjoy the childhood without any difficulty.