11 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy


Women who think that getting pregnant will take away the fun of having sex during the time have been proved to be wrong. It is possible to enjoy sex all throughout the pregnancy period with bit of caution. There are certain positions which you should avoid for safety reasons, but otherwise there is nothing wrong in sex during pregnancy.

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Mentioned below are 11 best sex positions during pregnancy:

11 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

11 sex positions during pregnancy

1. Scissors

This is an excellent sex position, which can be tried all throughout pregnancy. The penetration in this kind of act is shallow and hence it is easy on the man as well as the woman. In this position, the woman needs to lie on her back and the man will have to sit right in front of her. The penetration will be done from the side. The woman has her clitoris right against the top leg of her partner.

2. Doggy style

This is probably one of the most common sex positions couple enjoy during pregnancy or otherwise. The woman is on her all fours in this position. The man will enter her from the rear side. This position takes off lot of pressure from the pelvis and back and can ease back pain and pelvic pain. Use pillows if there is any discomfort.



3. Woman on top

This position is ideal during the 2nd trimester, when the belly starts showing and having sex by lying on the back is a problem. This position will provide control over the depth and extent of penetration and speed. No pressure is exerted on the belly via this position and is absolutely safe during pregnancy.

4. Spooning

This sex position is highly suitable for all the trimesters in pregnancy, but it is most suitable for the 3rd trimester when the baby bump hinders close face to face interactions. In this position, your partner will be free to touch you with his hands, providing the best clitoral stimulation during sex. This kind of position provides shallow sex. If you like deep penetration, this might not be the position for you.

5. Modified missionary position

Most doctors recommend not going for sex positions in which the woman needs to lie on her back after the 1st trimester and this is inclusive of the missionary position. Instead of the plain and simple missionary position, try a modified version of the same and it can be great. Do let your partner know if he seems to be putting pressure on the bump.

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6. The side saddle

Side saddle is a good position for sex during pregnancy. It can be easily done in the 1st and 2nd trimesters and will depend on your comfort level for the 3rd You don’t have to do much in this position and the work is done by your partner. He will use his free hands for caressing your breasts and stimulating your clitoris. The penetration is shallow in this sex position.

7. The lap pose

Until and unless your bump is really big, you can always try this amazing sexy position. Let your partner sit on a chair and you sit on this lap, with his penis entering you directly deep inside. Deep penetration is the mantra of this pose and you can stop if it hurts you. This pose is not good in the 3rd trimester, but okay during 1st and 2nd It provides immense pleasure to you and your partner.


8. Reverse cowgirl

In reverse cowgirl position, the man will lie down on his back. You will sit astride him with your back to him. In this position, you are in full control of the movements. It is obviously understood, that this is a simple position you can try when pregnant as there are no risks in the same.

9. The rocking horse

In this position, the man will sit with his legs crossed and will need to lean back a little with support of his hands to make more space for you. The woman sits on him with knees bent on both sides of his legs providing ample space for penetration. This position might not be very suitable when the baby bump gets large during the last trimester.

10. The clip

In the advanced stage of pregnancy when your bump is large, this sex position is simply excellent as it gives abundant space. Your partner will lie on his back with his legs closed. You will have to position yourself in a manner so that he is completely into you. Once done, you can bend in backwards direction by supporting yourself with your hands.

11. The policeman pose

You will have to lean against the wall with your arms spread wide. Let him search you from behind and grab you in the way you had always wanted.