11 Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers for Infants


The thought of a cloth diaper would mean a large handkerchief stuck together with safety pins in combination to a diaper service picking them at frequent intervals. Some families have stuck chord with this method, but this is not the topic of discussion here. Here we are casting our thoughts to cloth diapers, which is a new entrant in the market. Absorbent pads, new fabrics, taking them on and off as you wish and washing it in your own washing machine work out to be the major positives.

Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers for Infants

The diapers are a revelation, and have let the disposables way behind. For a reason though! Some of the huge benefits are:

1} Cost effective

Before an infant is potty trained, you will be burning a hole in your pocket by using disposable diapers. If biodegradable or premium versions are purchased costs shoot up even more every month. Coupled with detergent and water bills, cloth diapers work out to be a cost saving option.

2} Environment friendly

Just caste your mind back to the chemicals and plastics needed to manufacture diapers. The chemicals along with water then turn back to environment in waste form. Environmental impact of disposable diapers is staggering for the environment. In comparison to a cloth diaper the effect is almost negligible.

3} More absorbent

From my experience, this is a fact. By using a cloth diaper, I do not have to change my baby’s diaper in the middle of the night. With disposable diapers I would need to! This is mainly because they are more absorbent in comparison to disposable ones.

Cloth Diapers


4} Chemical free

Dioxin is the primary ingredient of a disposable diaper that could cause miscarriage, nerve damage with changes to your immune system. The big brands may surprise you by claiming that the chemicals are in small quantities in a diaper and there is no risk for the baby. Cloth diapers however are chemical free and completely safe for your little one.

5} Protection of genital organs

Research states that the baby’s genitals skin temperatures are bound to increase while using disposable diapers in comparison to cloth ones.  Though more research is called for in this subject, but prolonged exposure to disposable diapers may reduce sperm count in boy babies when they become adults.

6} No rashes

A major benefit with cloth diapers, is that your baby’s skin is free from diaper rashes. Even with a regular diet diaper rashes are a frequent occurrence with disposable ones. Most of the brands claim this is not the case, but the results are there for all of us to see. Pampers could be a viable alternative, but works out to be costly.

7} Kids are potty trained

Another advantage of a cloth diaper is that babies are potty trained quickly. They feel the sensation and the wetness faster in comparison to a disposable diaper. An added motivation for the mothers if they potty train their little ones as no need to wash diapers on recurring basis.

8} Breathability

Manufactured from cotton results in less rashes or skin irritation. The premier brands for the manufacturing of cotton diapers are turning to organic sources. The main reasons are that non organic cotton is prone to chemicals or pesticides that could find its way on the skin of the baby. Additionally, it improves breathability for your little one’s skin.

9} Diaper sprayer

For me this is one of the tilting factors towards cloth diapers. To ensure a clean supply of water in the toilet the sprayer could be used. Without touching poop a high powered steam cleans the diaper.


10} Cloth diapers have had a major make over

One of the reasons on why mothers do stick to disposable diapers is they feel cloth versions are inconvenient. But it has had a major make over with Velcro materials being used. To stop leaks fitted diapers could be used as well.

11} Available in woollen form

It is that not that you would need to stick to cloth only. The woollen versions are available in various patterns or colours. In some cases it is comfortable than plastic and yields excellent results as well. An all in one version would be great!

Finally if you have zeroed in on cloth diapers, then undertake a detailed research at your own end. Be aware what works best for you along with your family. Organic diapers would be a viable alternative as it can be washed easily and is going to suit the baby till potty training.

A diaper sprayer would be a value addition as lot of time and money is saved.

If you have not thought about cloth diapers, then please have a glance at it! An extra baggage is reduced from your shoulders and works best for the skin of your baby.