7 Easy Back to School Hairstyles for Kids


Vacations over? Now it’s time to get your kids into their school uniform and get set to indulge in studies. So, messy holiday hairs are no more going to be your escape as school demands your kids to be well- dressed and proper hairdo. A proper dress and good hairdo leaves a good impression and reflects positivity in your child’s personality. A ponytail and down-the-back plaits are old and a bit boring.

So, by brushing out those tangles to attempting styles turns out to be the most challenging tasks of the day. Never mind! To make your struggle a bit easy, here we have picked up for you some very simple yet amazing hairstyles for your little one to flaunt at school. Worry not! They won’t take much of your time. They can be made in minutes with the basic skills as well. So, here we go with an amazing list of hairstyles.

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7 Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyles for Kids

back to school hairstyles

Topsy tails

It’s time to upgrade the normal ponytail, just a little more effort and you are up with a new hairstyle. A topsy tail tool can make your work easier, but in case you don’t have one you can easily make it with free hands. Just a bit of twisting and turning and you add a new look to your kid’s ponytail. Make a loose low ponytail and poke the fingers of one hand up through the hair to create some space. Flip the ponytail through space and pull it down to tighten it. Just smoothen the hair in the twist and you are done.



Hair Bows

Is your little princess in love with big bows, but the school doesn’t allow her to wear accessories? Well then let’s erase the disappointment of your kid. Bows can be made even out of hairs and that too in few easy steps. Though they are easy to make, they are extremely impressive. It’s better to see the tutorial for this hairstyle than reading it out. So, here is the link for the same.



Low updo

The low updo is one of the easiest hairstyles once you have learned to do it. It works well not just for school but also for other formal occasions and gatherings. The first step into getting this amazing hairstyle is that you need to make three separate ponytails. Make three looped buns by pulling your hair halfway through. Take both sides of the bun in such a way that it circles the hair tie and secure them with bobby pins. Just repeat these steps with each of the ponytail and you are done with a new hairstyle. I’m sure you will like it. Here is an illustration of the hairstyle.


Flower braid

This cute hairstyle will surely become your little one’s favourite once you make her hairs in this style. It’s beautiful to look at and amazingly easy to make. First of all, you need to make a half-up ponytail of your child and secure it with an elastic. Separate the hair above the elastic and loop the half pony through the opening that is created. Make a braid of the half-up pony and secure the bottom of the braid with the elastic. Now roll the hairs in a wheel around the upper elastic and secure it with bobby pins. The result of your efforts looks alike to the image below.


Isn’t this hairstyle amazing to look at? Your little princess is going to love it, I’m sure!


Double braids

If you are left with your kid’s hairdo and she is already getting late for school. This hairstyle can be an easy and trendy escape for you. Though its name says ‘double’ but you actually need to put in very less efforts as it involves just two basic steps. Make a standard braid up the notch and add another on the side. On one side of the head, take a small section of hair and make a braid out it and secure it with an elastic. Now, pull your hairs in half and make a braid out of it in the centre and secure it with the elastic. So, here you are done with another cute hairdo. Your efforts will result in a hairstyle similar to what is shown in the images.


Fishtail Braid

Braids look classy as well as work well for school going kids. It’s the best hairdo for summers when open hairs are not the thing you can afford in high temperatures. So, why not bring a twist into your daily braid. Fishtail braid requires a little extra time but the efforts put in are worth it. To begin with, take a small triangle section of hair from the top of your head. Split this section into two equal parts and start crossing the left section over the right.

Now, you need to take a small section of hair from the outer right side and cross it over the left side. Do not twist and hair and maintain the grip over both the sections. Then, take a section of hair from the outer left side and cross it over the right side. Repeat the steps of taking over hair from one side and crossing it over to the other side and secure it with a rubber band at the end of the pony. And you are done with another amazing hairstyle.



Pigtail buns

If your little one is up for some outdoor activities for the day, then this hairstyle is just the one for the day. Separate your hairs from the middle and make two high ponytails. Pull the hairs half way up from below to create two looped buns. Pull hair pieces around the hair tie in a circle and secure it with bobby pins and put on some hair accessories if required. So, here you are done with another hairstyle to amaze your little one.



I’m sure; this write-up must have given you various hair-do ideas for back to school kids. There are many more hairstyles that you can do, but these are the best of them all. So, what are you waiting for getting set to amaze your child with new hairstyles for every day of the week.

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