15 Accurate Symptoms of Baby Boy in Pregnancy


Some of the accurate symptoms of baby boy during early pregnancy includes heart rate, urine color, your hair growth, morning sickness, cool feet, food craving, breast size, etc. to name a few.

As soon as you get pregnant, the age old question pops up. Is it a boy or is it a girl? All people around including the new parents love to speculate on the gender of the baby. Not because of gender bias, but simply based on the happiness, curiosity and way of preparation to welcome the little girl or boy. As a mother, the question lingers more if the cute bundle of joy within you will be pretty little daughter or a handsome little boy.

Family members and people around you predict or guess on the gender of the baby based on how you look, or how you pregnancy progresses. But are these myths really true? Read on to find out.

15 Accurate Symptoms of Baby Boy During Early Pregnancy

There are many old wives tales that our ancestors point out towards the gender of the baby. Additionally, the mother’s instincts are also added on to the guessing game. However, there are other symptoms that indicate it’s a baby boy. If you are a curious mom wanting to know, here are some incredible symptoms of baby boy that indicate the gender of the baby.

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1} Heart Rate

It is a medically proven fact that the heart rate differs for a baby boy and baby girl. Medical evidence suggests that if the heart rate of your baby remains under 140 beats per minute throughout your pregnancy, then it’s a baby boy. This sure sounds like a very accurate symptoms of baby boy during early pregnancy.


2} Urine colour

The colour of the urine is often associated with the gender of the baby conceived. If the colour of your urine is dark, then you pregnant with a cute little boy.

3} Hair growth

Surprised to hear this? Yes, if your hair is growing at faster rate than normal, you are going to have a boy.

symptoms of baby boy

4} Morning sickness

One of the main symptoms that begin during pregnancy in morning sickness. Some women have it, while some don’t. The hormones are changing and it becomes very difficult for some women to keep any food within. Morning sickness is also associated with the gender of the baby. If you aren’t facing any symptoms of morning sickness, you may have a baby boy.

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5} Cold feet and hands, a baby boy symptom during early pregnancy

Some women often experience a cold sensation in the hands and feet. If you are having cold hands and feet and often feel jittery, it is a clear indication that you are having a baby boy. This symptom arises very early in pregnancy and tells you the difference.


6} Breast size

Incredible as it may sound, breast size is one of the major symptoms that can indicate if you are carrying a boy or girl. In pregnancy, the breasts become enlarged as the mammary glands are lactating to produce enough milk for your little one. If your right breast becomes bigger than the left one, it is an indication that you are carrying a baby boy. Also the mother produces different milk for a boy or girl to cater to the baby’s nutritional requirements.

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7} Sleeping positions, a symptoms of baby boy

During later stages of pregnancy, sleeping in a comfortable position becomes very difficult which leaves you utterly exhausted. Stupid as it may sound, sleeping position is a common symptom to indicate if you are having a boy or girl. Do you prefer to sleep on a particular side? You may be interested to know that, sleeping on the left side indicates that you may have a boy.

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8} Food cravings

Food cravings is yet another symptom that indicates if your bundle of joy is going to be a girl or boy. If you are having cravings for salty and sour foods, it’s a clear sign that it is a boy.

9} Position of the tummy

You may be having people stare at your tummy and tell you if it’s a boy or a girl. It is an age old method to determine if its baby boy or baby girl. If you belly grows bigger and you are carrying low, it is a sign that you are going to have a baby boy.


10} Weight gain

Along with the position of your tummy, your weight gain during pregnancy is also an indication of the gender of baby. If the extra pounds add on to only your belly region and is visible only on your tummy, then you are most likely carrying a boy.

11} Behavioural changes

Mood swings and behavioural changes are common during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the raging hormonal changes in the body. However, the kind of behavioural changes indicate the gender of the baby conceived. If you are bold and aggressive during pregnancy, it is likely that you are carrying a baby boy. Behavioural changes are usually linked to the levels of testosterone.

12} Acne outbreaks, symptoms of baby boy during early pregnancy

People often say you are having a boy or girl by the glow of your skin during pregnancy. If you are having an outburst of acne on your face, it is said that you will have a baby boy.

13} Dry Skin

Many women experience extreme dryness of skin during pregnancy. If you are having dry skin and cracking in the hands and legs, then it is an indication that you may be pregnant with a baby boy.

14} Linea Nigra, 

During pregnancy, Linea Nigra is a dark line that runs across the pregnant belly. As the pregnancy progresses, the line darkens on the belly. It may be interesting to know that Linea Nigra can be associated with the gender prediction of the baby. It is said that if the Linea Nigra grows from the bottom of the belly all the way till the rib cage, it is a baby boy growing inside.


15} Baking soda test

Many women take this test to find out if its boy or girl. This is one of the most conclusive boy symptoms many believe. The urine of the pregnant mother is tested with baking soda solution. When baking soda is added to urine, and the mixture fizzes up like a soft drink, then it’s likely that you are going to have a boy.

The above mentioned symptoms are some indications that can help you predict if you are carrying a baby boy or baby girl. Nevertheless, only an ultra sound, DNA tests and some other genetic tests can predict the gender of the baby with 100 percent guarantee. Although trying to find out the sex of your baby maybe exciting, but being patient until delivery also promises loads of surprises and happiness unlimited.

How to conceive a baby boy?

If you want to know how to conceive a boy and want to see symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy, then recollect that the sperm that carries the Y chromosome (the one that decides the male sexual orientation), is altogether different to the sperm that carries the X chromosome (or the one that is in charge of deciding the female sex). The Y sperm (boy sperm) are smaller and agiler, and they can reach the egg a great deal more rapidly than the young lady sperm.

However, the boy sperm is not as strong as the young lady sperm, and therefore boy sperm doesn’t live the length of young lady sperm. Because the male sperm is weaker, it has more touchy to the PH levels inside the woman’s vagina and uterus, meaning that the boy sperm requires more particular conditions with the end goal for it to reach and prepare the egg first.

Here is a portion of the factors that you can use in your favour to enhance your chances of imagining a boy.

  • Getting your PH balance just right: Y (boy) sperm require a PH balance that is more alkaline than acidic. You are able to adjust the PH level inside your body by tailoring your eating routine to incorporate heaps of nourishment that are rich in potassium and sodium. Nourishments that have elevated amounts of potassium and sodium incorporate red meat, bananas, peaches and sausage.
  • Timing sex to conceive a boy. Timing your sexual intercourse is important when you are attempting to increase the baby boy symptoms during pregnancy. Because you want the Y(boy) sperm to reach the egg before the X(girl) sperm, you should attempt and have sex as close as conceivable to the time (or day) that you ovulate. Having sex near the season of ovulation gives the fast swimming, agile male sperm the most ideal chance to reach the egg and treat it, to begin with before the slower young lady sperm catches up. Sex timing is particularly important when you are attempting to conceive a boy because, although the boy sperm is faster swimmers, they also cease to exist all the more rapidly. The egg is viable for a time of 24 hours after ovulation, timing your intercourse as close as you can to ovulation, will give the Y sperm even more a chance to reach the egg while they are still viable as well.

Foods for conceiving a baby boy

Planning to get pregnant can be one of the most exciting decisions you and your partner will ever make together. If you are trying to have a baby you may already know that you would like to have a baby boy. Changing your diet to include certain foods may increase your higher chances of getting pregnant with a male baby and you will notice symptoms of baby boy. Remember to eat these natural foods more daily and ensure accurate ovulation day before having sex for getting pregnant with a baby boy.



Bananas have a high dosage of potassium and that is the key to conceiving a baby boy. Calcium is known to help the male sperm survive in the womb. Have 2 to 3 bananas every day when you are trying to make a baby. Women who eat bananas on daily basis get to clearly see the symptoms of baby boy while they are pregnant.

Breakfast cereals

Eat more cornflakes, brown rice, cereal, instant oatmeal and cooked barley. Women who eat more breakfast cereals are at higher chances of getting baby boy symptoms while they are pregnant. Thanks to cereal that have higher minerals and vitamins. These are enriched with nutrients and because of which it is more likely to support the male sperm that leads to the birth of a baby boy.


Vitamin D is an important nutrient required for healthy good sperm which is benefited from mushrooms. They are a rich and excellent source for vitamin D and potassium that is best to increase chances of getting pregnant with a male baby. Mushrooms should be added into your daily or weekly menu if you are trying to conceive a boy.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits are among the best natural sources of vitamin C. If you are trying to learn how to make a baby boy then rely only on a specific diet and no need to pay for expensive medical treatment. You can now begin to add more fruit into your daily diet like lemons and other fruits containing vitamin C that are very alkalizing to our body. Grapefruits, limes, tomatoes, and other fruits that are rich should be eaten more often too. You can serve fruit either raw or in juices. Make sure to prepare these as fresh as possible at home and avoid commercial ones because they can alter your internal environment.

Glucose, cereals, fruits, legumes, vegetable, nuts and seeds

Based on some studies, the higher the glucose level the higher are the chances and likelihood to conceive a baby boy. Having rice and potatoes is great way to obtain high-calorie diet and high levels of glucose in your blood. Still you should not simply increase the intake of sweets and sugar. These types of sugar spikes levels of blood glucose can cause gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Zinc foods

Foods like oysters, pumpkins, wheat, lamb and watermelon are foods for conceiving a baby boy. Zinc is a known mineral to increase a man’s sperm count. Extremely high sperm counts naturally ensure a higher chance of conceiving boys. According to a study taken by the nutritionist Bridget Pliny, this mineral not only strengthens male sperm but also boosts testosterone levels. So it increases sperm count. This is important when conceiving a male baby as higher sperm count is more likely to get a baby boy.


Salty food, sodium and potassium

Balance is the key to conceiving a baby boy. So enjoy your salty foods such as crackers, cold cuts and pepperoni as they can increase your chances of having a boy and getting symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy. But cut back on salt once you get pregnant as it tends to increase your blood pressure.


By eating pickles before you get pregnant may increase your odds of having a baby boy and women can see baby boy symptoms while they are pregnant, thanks to its high sodium health. Adding a few servings of high salt pickles can help change the composition of your fluid that allows it easier for male sperm to fertilize your egg. A cooked egg sprinkled with table salt is another way to increase your sodium intake.

Make sure to consult your doctor before increasing your sodium intake to avoid health complication for new pregnant ladies.

Herbs and supplements for conceiving a baby boy

Perhaps the more precise home method for increasing the chances of conceiving a boy consists in charting ovulation. It recommends having sexual intercourse 24 hours prior to ovulation and no more than 12 hours after this process, as male sperm has a different lifespan than a female one.

Knowing this fact is very helpful when trying to determine the baby’s gender, but it’s not enough. For precise charting ovulation, one has to use a very accurate method and the most accessible one is charting cervical mucus or analyzing changes in mucus’ consistency and colour. When mucus becomes watery and more “elastic” than usual, your ovulation period is about to start. So, you should have intimate contact then, as the more fertile mucus is, the greater chances of conceiving a boy.

Conceive a boy with an alkaline diet

An alkaline diet is known to favour the conception of a baby boy as chromosomes – and implicitly sperm – responsible for the masculine gender can survive only for 24 hours in an acidic environment, once reaching inside the female reproductive tract.


Thus, in order to enhance their chances of conceiving a boy, one should eat more vegetables such as green leafy veggies, grasses, sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkins, radishes and legumes, as well as red meats. These foods enhance the survival ability of the Y sperm. So, the more one incorporates in their diet, the higher the chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy.

Supplementing the potassium intake

Potassium is one of the minerals known to increase the chances of conceiving baby boy and increasing baby boy symptoms during pregnancy. So, a simple and effective method for this consists of incorporating more potassium-rich foods in your diet or taking some supplements starting with the moment you decide you want to have a child. Such foods are avocados, artichoke, almonds, apples and bananas, potatoes and asparagus, strawberries and steak.

However, make sure to ask your physician’s advice before taking dietary supplements as even if studies have proven the effectiveness of potassium in one’s diet to conceive a boy, taking too much of this mineral can be harmful in the long run. Too high levels of potassium can lead to nausea, irregular heartbeats or a slower than normal heart rate, or even to a sudden collapse in very severe cases.

On the other hand, it’s been proven that supplementing the intake of potassium by 300 mg daily increases the chances of conceiving a baby boy, so make sure to stay within the safe limits.

Conceive a baby boy by controlling the temperature

It’s proven that sperm carrying the Y-chromosome is less tolerant of heat compared to female sperm, carrying the X-chromosome. Thus, the lower the temperature is, the higher the chances of conceiving a baby boy becomes. If you’re trying to get pregnant with a boy, you should ask your partner to wear boxers made of cotton or other material that allows the skin to breathe and maintains body temperature within normal limits. A cold shower before intimate relationships can also help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant with a male baby and the female will clearly see symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy.

Drinking More Coffee

According to Doctor Shettles, another tested and effective method of determining the baby’s gender consists in increasing the intake of coffee before intercourse. Shettles’ theory says one becomes more likely to give birth to a baby boy if their partner has a strong caffeinated coffee before intimate contact. Although proven to be efficient, this theory doesn’t have any scientific argument behind it. But it’s still a good strategy to try when looking for natural methods to get pregnant with a baby boy or girl. Still, make sure not to exaggerate with the intake of coffee, as this beverage is known to be more acidic than alkaline and male sperm, as you already know, doesn’t tolerate acid environments well.

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