11 Ways to Prevent Spitting Up in Babies


Children, a whole new experience for every parent and to adjust and deal with them it takes a lot of time and one needs to be very active and attentive towards his child. Babies are noisy at times, little grumpy, moody, and all of the above they take their own time and people to adjust with. Nothing to be too tense or too much protective about. Babies cry a lot and nothing to panic or get upset about its normal with children and they just need care, love and affection towards them also we can say attention which they seek.

New parents take a lot of pressure and they feel too nervous when any decision come related to the baby. Everything happens for the first time which is exciting and also with a lot of fear like excitement for shooting baby first footstep at the same time having fear of she or he falls down. Parents are protective towards their kids and are very possessive at times which is normal.

Now the most challenging part in a mother’s life is to feed the baby because in this process a baby while growing up shows a lot of tantrums and they are just not easy to tackle in the matter of food and stuff. Now it’s easy to feed a small baby of 2 to 3 month but one has to be very careful with that at the other hand feeding a 1-year baby is totally different and much tougher than anything else.

While feeding the most common thing which is being noticed is that maximum of the babies spit.

Why do babies spit?

Spitting is a normal phenomenon and this is very common many children do spit while eating nothing to get panic about. Spitting in children basically happens during the age of 3rd month or 4th month

While feeding a lot of air the child swallows with the breastmilk and at times the air has to come out and it does come out in the form of spitting of food and also cough. Generally, a parent gets worried that why their kids are not having the food properly and what if they are having a problem with eating and they will remain hungry if this goes on and stuff.


Nutrition is important but that too in a limit, you cannot over feed your child just because he or she is crying a lot. There is a normal thinking that a child cries either because he is hungry or he is wet. Baby can cry for many other reasons also its nothing to worry about that much. Babies digestive system takes time to develop and from the very day a baby is born to mother has to be fed him with her breastmilk and it is being told by the doctors all over that first 6 months, the baby should only have breast milk and nothing else. Baby’s digestive system takes around 4 to 6 month to develop and allow the baby to have something else still they be in liquid diet only because it takes time for a baby to adjust themselves with some kind of a random food even if it is home made. Milk is constant but some kids are allergenic to milk and milk oriented foods like curd etc so it’s important to make a proper diet for these kids as well.

So, as we came to know that why babies spit and even that this is normal and nothing to worry about the spitting. Just be careful with the infection and all sort of stuff which a kid goes through and in that very age the potential to fight bacteria and virus is not that strong in the baby so it’s important that nothing should catch them.

Baby Spitting Up: 11 Natural to Prevent

11 Ways to Prevent Spitting Up in Babies

Feeding them slowly

Now whether you are feeding them with breast milk or milk in a bottle be calm and steady let them swallow and take their own time don’t you hurry on finishing the feeding thing. Nowadays people are in a rush they just want to hurry and finish thing fast but the rush doesn’t work with kids. babies should be given their own time to swallow food.

Don’t hurry

Nowadays everyone is in a rush and with this busy and ongoing life taking care of a child is equally tough. But still, the only solution one finds is that completely one’s responsibility of the child and moving. Take or kid time and proper nurture don’t hurry while feeding him or her.


The position is also important while feeding your kid. Obviously, a 4 to 6 months old baby doesn’t know how to seat so they are generally fed in a sleeping position or posture which sometimes becomes a reason for them to spit.


Minimize noise

Kids are scared of loud noise or screaming noises so one must not scold a baby while feeding because maximum parent get frustrated with the baby spitting again and again and they start scolding whereas they understand nothing. So raising your voice is not a solution to your baby spitting.

Feed the baby in a moderate temperature

Too hot climate can be a reason of baby not eating the food because they too feel exhausted and hot which make them little moody and they avoid taking the food in.

Burp your baby

Burp your baby after every feeding that may help your baby swallow the food easily. It this way the air which he or she swallowed during feeding that will come out.

Don’t overfeed your baby

This is one of the reasons for which babies do spit a lot because the parent doesn’t realize that they are full and whenever they cry they believe in feeding their kids and it leads to vomit.

Clothing shouldn’t be tight

Tight clothing is one of the biggest reasons. When kids feel uneasy and the diaper is on the stomach and just after having food if the cloth is tight it may create a pressure in a kid’s stomach that may lead to spitting.

Elevate your baby’s body

At times when he or she is spitting try to elevate your baby‘s body so that it can stop.


Sleeping posture

The posture in which the baby fell asleep can also be a reason as if the baby slept on the basis of his stomach them that can lead him to spit.

Don’t play with them just after they had their food

There are parents who love playing with their kid’s but one must have a sense of timing after a kid having food must sleep otherwise vomit is sure to happen.

Hope this article was of help to all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!