Should I Avoid Sesame Seeds During Pregnancy?


It obviously has to be most critical stage of your life- what you do and eat does take a toll on your body. Being a pregnant lady, would force you to explore pregnancy myths and advice is expected to pour in from various quarters to guide you through this special day.

The moment you are pregnant your physician would provide a consolidate list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. They feel that some of them could prove fatal for a developing baby. Some cannot be disputed like alcohol has a damaging effect, but in case of others, it works out to be the opposite. What is to be avoided does go on to provide maximum nutrients for the baby.

Do weigh your options on what to consume during pregnancy as each food has an impact on your body during pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds During Pregnancy

History of sesame seeds

The mere mention of oil seed crops casts our mind to sesame seeds. It is in existence for more than 3000 years and India along with China are the major producers of it. Different variants of sesame seeds in the form of white, black and red are available. It is a rich source of calcium, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For example 100 grams of sesame seeds is power packed with calories.

sesame seeds

Are sesame seeds bad or good during pregnancy?

A general myth that consumption of sesame seeds (referred to as til) could prove harmful for a developing baby. Hold on! It is a myth as in the days gone by consumption of sesame seeds was stated to result in miscarriage. They are hot sources whereby in your abdomen heat is produced. But no scientific evidence exists that consumption of sesame seeds could lead to fatal consequences during pregnancy. When consumed in moderate quantities it is a super-rich food!


Health benefits associated with consumption of sesame seeds

So go ahead and eat sesame seeds during pregnancy? A word of caution, that you are not allergic to the same and it needs to be consumed in moderate quantities. Let us now explore some of the health benefits with the seeds

  • Stomach issues like constipation are recurring during pregnancy. Sesame seeds work out to be a natural food source that keeps constipation at bay. Adding sesame seeds to your diet is bound to soften the stools.
  • Pregnant women are known to fall short with calcium during pregnancy. To make up this shortfall sesame seeds is a better choice as it is power packed with nutrients.
  • Your teeth are strengthened with timely rectification of dental problems on consumption of sesame seeds
  • Your urine frequency is bound to increase during pregnancy. With sesame seeds it is going to normalize the output in a phased manner
  • Being packed with minerals and nutrients, your immunity and health improves. It is advised to consume sesame seeds during winters to prevent flu and cold from occurring.
  • Incorporate sesame seeds in your diet plan and only stop it if your doctor is adverse to the idea.
  • In comparison to the various natural energy boosters, sesame seeds work out to be the best source. Not only your nerves or muscles are strengthened, it plays an important role in your overall wellbeing of your health.
  • At the drop of a hat pregnant women get stressed. Physical coupled with hormonal changes have a role to play in this regard. On consumption of sesame seeds, stress levels along with mental weakness are a foregone conclusion. Your overall health levels are bound to improve leaps and bounds on consumption of these seeds.

Varied methods could be adopted in incorporating sesame seeds to your diet plan. For some women a healthy bowl of cereals during breakfast might be an attractive option. To make it more crunchy add a tinge of sesame seeds. To a salad they could be added that is going to provide crunchiness and a unique flavour to the dish. To change the taste plan for a chicken or vegetable stir fry just sprinkle a few bouts of sesame seeds on them and see how they change in appearance and taste. For addition flavour or nutrition add sesame seeds to steamed rice or quinoa.

Still, if you have any doubts relating to consumption of sesame seeds, seek an expert opinion of your doctor. Physicians advocate restricting their consumption during the first trimester of pregnancy, where chances of pregnancy termination are on the higher side.

To conclude munch in sesame seeds without any major worries!