Health Benefits of Arugula for Children


The antioxidant properties and rich nutrient content of Arugula provides amazing health benefits for adults and kids equally. It strengthens the brain, improves eyesight and metabolism, and also gives a boost to the immune system. This amazing herb is equally beneficial for weight management.

Arugula is a leafy green, commonly referred as Salad leaf or rocket leaves. It is a species native to the Mediterranean region. This herb is also used in cooked preparations. Arugula is low in calories and aids healthy weight management. Moreover, it contains many crucial phyto-chemicals, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that provide immense health benefits.

About Arugula

Arugula is a small, low growing annual herb that features succulent, elongated, lobular leaves with green veins, just like dandelion. Some of the common names given to garden rocket are rucoli, rucola, colewort, rugula, roquette, etc. Besides the leaves, the seeds and flowers of arugula are also edible.

Arugula features a strong peppery flavour and goes perfectly as a topping over the pizzas. This is definitely a unique way to add health to otherwise unhealthy cheesy pizza. Furthermore, arugula leaves also find a place in making soups, sauces, pesto, and condiment. The oil obtained from the seed is used in cooking, specifically pickling.

Health Benefits of Arugula

arugula for kids


Arugula is a supremely healthy vegetable that can be easily incorporated in your diet for it does not have any strong earthy nuances like other leafy vegetables of similar class. Further, in this article, you will read more about the goodness of arugula.

  • Better Mineral Absorption

Arugula contains low levels of oxalates as compared to other popular leafy greens, like spinach. Oxalates inhibit the absorption of minerals by the body’s systems. This is counterproductive to consuming minerals in the same bite. The low levels of oxalates in arugula make it easier to absorb

  • Improves Eyesight

Arugula is packed with carotenoids. These carotenoids are naturally occurring pigments that are popularly known to improve the vision. As a matter of fact, carotenoids slow down the process of macular degeneration, a condition wherein the center of a person’s field if vision becomes compromised. By giving arugula to your children, you can improve and maintain healthy vision of your children.

  • Rich in Vitamin C

The arugula leaves are loaded with vitamin C. as is well known that vitamin C is a natural and highly powerful anti-oxidant. It provides protection against diseases like scurvy while simultaneously providing a boost to the immunity.

  • Excellent Source of B-complex

This vegetable is also loaded with the B-complex group vitamins, like riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B-6, essential for improved metabolic functions.

  • Rich source of Vitamin K

Arugula, also known as salad rocket, is loaded with vitamin K, crucial for good bone health. Recommended intake of vitamin K helps limit the neuronal damage in the brain and also helps treat Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Contains Essential Minerals

The leaves of arugula contain good levels of minerals, specifically iron and copper. Besides, it also contains other essential electrolytes and minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, and phosphorous.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

The cognitive abilities include a set of mental abilities connected to knowledge, including memory, attention, evaluation, judgment, and reasoning. Arugula improves all these capabilities in babies and infants.

  • Prevents Anaemia

The good content of iron and copper in arugula are crucial for production of hemoglobin in blood. Iron deficiency in children can cause diseases like anaemia. Therefore, adding arugula to their diet is definitely a good choice.

  • Prevents Dehydration

Kids might feel dehydrated during summers for paying out in the sun and various other activities. Arugula leaves are made with 90% of water. Therefore, this vegetable is the perfect choice to keep the body hydrated. Arugula consumption helps the body to cool down while providing better temperatures for metabolism.

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Arugula can work wonders for hair growth. In many countries, it is used to thicken the hair. Regular intake of arugula can prevent hair loss while promoting the growth of healthy and shiny hair.

Nutrition Facts


Serving Size 2g

Amount per Serving  
Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0

%Daily Value

Total Fat 0gms 0%
Saturated Fat 0gms 0%
Trans Fat  
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 1 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 0gms 0%
Dietary Fiber 0gms 0%
Sugars 0gms  
Protein 0gms  
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 0%
Iron 0%
Calcium 0%

Precautionary Tips

Although arugula provides amazing health benefits, there are certain precautions that can help you avoid the various health risks associated with over consumption of arugula.

  • Always try to combine arugula with other ingredients of the diet for better health benefits.
  • Make sure to store arugula properly. Improper storage of arugula can become a nest of bacteria that can convert the nitrates contained in arugula into nitrites. High levels of nitrite can cause harm to the body.
  • When buying arugula, make sure to buy only fresh arugula. Go for younger bright green leaves. Avoid going for arugula with yellow leaves.
  • Go for organic arugula, if possible, to avoid consuming spray or pesticide. However, if you can’t find organic arugula, make sure that you wash it properly before use. To minimize the effect of pesticides or the content of residues in arugula, soak the leaves in tepid water. Follow this by adding a few drops of apple vinegar or any other type of vinegar. Rinse and use.
  • For storage, wrap the arugula leaves in plastic or a damp paper. Try to change the wrap or package daily if you are storing it for a long time.
  • Since arugula has a peppery flavour, the compounds responsible for this unique flavour can lead to mild irritation in the throat.
  • Many times, some children might experience stomach cramping, swelling, and diarrhoea in the case of overeating of this vegetable.
  • Arugula is best if stored for 4-5 days. After this, the leaves start to turn yellow. You can also freeze it for long term use.