21 Apps for Teenage Girls


Contrary to public opinion, teen girls don’t use apps only for messaging. They also use them in different aspects of their lives, such as education, productivity and shopping. There are millions of apps already and more come out every day that help teen girls save time, money and energy as they move from day to day and task to task.

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Here are 21 of the coolest apps that are popular with teen girls today:

21 Apps for Teenage Girls

Social Media apps:

  1. Snapchat: A popular messaging app for videos and photos, Snapchat’s feature of automatically deleting photos and videos seen here makes it very appealing, causing kids to interact more. It can also be used to send money to friends.
  2. Twitter: With Twitter, teens can connect with anyone worldwide. All they need to do is to post updates 140 characters or less. They can send photos, block others, follow and be followed.
  3. Kik: Teens send videos and images to friends, not text. They also share memes, images and YouTube videos. It’s also a popular chatting and messaging interface.
  4. WhatsApp: Though teens use Facebook Messenger on their phones, yet they also use a Facebook product and messaging app called WhatsApp. It allows users to post status updates, send videos and make video calls on the Net.

Apps for Teenagers

Micro-blogging apps

  1. Vine: Users can post 60-second video clips and watch them too. Teens create fun videos of themselves and their friends and family.
  2. Tumblr: This social media site helps users create blogs and post them across various subjects and domains but in 140 characters or less. Users can also find out the source of reposts and visit those links too. This site also helps bloggers post, repost and give and get feedback.

Chatting, Meeting, Dating Apps and Sites

  1. MeetMe: Chat and Meet New People: This meeting site has a feature to match two people where users can secretly admire others. It has a vast user base which facilitates quick communication and assured attention.
  2. Monkey — Have Fun Chats: Here, users are randomly matched with strangers so that they can have a video chat. They are linked by Snapchat.
  3. Omegle: This chat brings two strangers together either in a video or text chat.
  4. Yellow: Teens can make friends using this app where users can swipe either right or left to accept or reject users’ profiles. If two strangers swipe right on each others’ names, they can chat and got in touch with each other through Instagram or Snapchat.

Photo-sharing apps:

  1. Instagram: This photo-editing app allows teens to take selfies, edit and post images on their phones and make them publicly visible.
  2. VSCO: This is a photo-sharing app that allows users to edit their images with the skill of a professional. It comes with plenty of filters and 18 editing tools to give photos a natural look.

Educational apps:

  1. Mathway: By choosing the stream of maths, such as trigonometry or algebra, students can key in their problem and the app will solve the problem and walk the student through each of the steps.
  2. iStudiez: Students can keep track of all their studies, assignments, tests and grades by filling in all the required data. This app also gives students alerts to upcoming deadlines.
  3. SchollyScholly: This is a vast and robust platform for finding scholarships. It is compatible with the Net and on platforms like iOS and Android.

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Productivity apps

  1. Evernote: This is an amazingly popular productivity app among teens as it allows users to save projects, notes, lists, documents, web pages, images and audio. These can be synchronized across all devices and platforms to be universally accessible.
  2. Instructables: For teens who love to invent and build, here’s an app of the DIY kind. Users can learn how to build, share their projects and participate in contests.
  3. MyStudyLife: This student planner app works on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Chrome. It is inherently a conventional student planner, but without the paper and pen, which makes it suitable for students of today who are electronically wired.

Shopping apps:

  1. Amazon: The widest variety of the largest amount of items in any category, Amazon has something for everyone. Teens believe this too and shop here pretty often for clothes, books, shoes, mobile phones, cameras, etc. It’s free for iOS and Android subscribers.
  2. Shopstyle: This app is free for Android and iOS subscribers. When teens are on the lookout for a new wardrobe, they go to this one as it’s easy to look for something new and smart from their 18 million items under one roof. They store a large variety of items across popular shop, so it’s easy to shop easily.
  3. Zara: Yet another free app for iOS and Android, shopping at Zara is easy and it’s also popular for its constantly updated arrivals of tops, accessories, shoes, etc.

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With these apps, young teens can remain up to date stay connected, and have a whole lot of fun.