121 Sough After African Last Names Or Surnames


Are you planning to name your baby with a good and cute name? Here is a compilation of 121 African baby names.

121 Best Baby African Names

african baby names

African Baby Names for Boys

Baby NameMeaning
AbayomiBorn to bring me joy
AbdallaServant of God
AbduWorshiper of God
AbeekuBorn on Wednesday
AbejideBorn during winter
AbiodunBorn at the time of war
AbiolaBorn in honor
AddaeMorning sun
BabafemiMy father loves me
BadruBorn between full moons
BakariOf noble promise
BoboBorn on Tuesday
BosedaBorn on Sunday
ChenziraBorn on the road
ChijiokeGod gives talent
ChikePower of God
ChineloThought of God
ChinuaBlessings of God
ChiokeGod blessing
ChiumboSmall, small child, small creation
DadaCurly hair
DumakaHelping hands
EboBorn on Tuesday
EhiozeJealousy is beneath me
FadhiliAid, favor, compassion, and kindness.
FahmeebOne who understands
FarhaniA delightful feeling of joy
FarijiHe brings comfort
FehedLynx; Panther; From Kikuyu
FeyeThe beginning
FirhunThe name of a leader who was protested for West African independence.
FolamiHonor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkle
FynnAfrican – River Ofinn; Old Norse – Finn; Celtic – White, Fair; A variant of name Finn
GacokiHe returns.
GakereSmall muscle, muscular.
GakuruElderly one.
GambaTortoise which lives in the water places.
GateteKenyan form for milk gourd.
GatheeElderly one.
GathiiTraveler, wanderer
GatimuA spear
HaadhirPresent; Attending; A variant of Hadhir
HabaAfrican – One who is Charming; Favourite; A variant of Haiba
HaiderThe King of Jungle, Lion
HaileAfrican – Power; Old English – Nook, Retreat; A variant of Hale
HajariUesd in Africa,The one who takes flight
HalifAlly; Confederate; One who Takes an Oath
HarbelA town name in Margibi County, Liberia
HarifPungent; Hot
HarmalahAn african plant
HaruniMessenger-ship; Mountaineer; A variant of Haruny

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African Baby Names for Girls

Baby NameMeaning
AbaBorn on Thursday
AbabuoA child that keeps coming back
AbagbeWe begged to have this one to lift up
AbamSecond child after twins
AbayomiShe brings joy
AbebiWe asked for her
AbejeWe asked to have this child
AbekeWe asked for her to pet her.
AbenaBorn on Tuesday
AbeniWe asked for her
AbeoHer birth brings happiness
AbidemiBorn during the father’s absence
BaakoFirst born
BabaBorn on Thursday
BaderinwaWorthy of respect
BahatiMy luck is good
BayoJoy is found
BejideBorn during a rainy season
BoladeHonor arrives
BolanileWealth of this house
BunmiMy gift
BusejeAsk me
ChaonaineIt has seen me
ChausikiBorn at night
ChikuChatter box
ChinueBlessing of Chi
ChukiBorn during a time of hatred
DadaChild with curly hair
DalilaGentle soul
DaliliSign, omen
DayoJoy arrives
DoFirst child after twins
DofiSecond child born after twins
DotoSecond of twins
DzikoThe world
EfiaBorn on Friday
EnomwoyiGraceful one
EnyonyamIt is good for me
EsiBorn on Sunday
FabayoA lucky birth brings joy
FayolaWalk with honor
FemiLove me
FoladeShe brings honor
FolamiHonor and respect me
FolayanTo walk with dignity
FolukePlaced in God’s care
FujoBorn after a quarrel
GakeriA small muscle. A variant of Gakere.
GamadaThe one who is cheerful and happy.
GasiraOne who is brave.
GathoniShe is an in law.
GaviviThe one who loves money of wealth.
GawahirVariant form of Jawahir (precious stones or jewels)
GenetRefers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.

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