Is Abacus Good For My Child?


Some of the benefits of learning how to use abacus for kids include sharpens brain, good exercise tool for the brain, teaches speed and accuracy in Mathematics, makes the kid good at academics, improves child’s concentration, activates the brain sensors,promotes photographic memory and improves child’s logical reasoning power.

What is an Abacus?

We live in highly competitive times where even children are subject to competition. They need the right direction to extract the hidden potential lying inside them to excel in life. Parents too hope for their children to be the best in their group.

To make this a reality, abacus training comes to the help of children to make them talented, brainy and all-rounders. Such high-level training makes children enough confidence to face competitive exams. Abacus training gives children, four gifts—confidence, concentration, memory and mastermind.

How to use an abacus?

An abacus instrument allows children to perform basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also help children to count up to decimal places and calculate sums with negative numbers etc.

History of Abacus


The most ancient tool used for counting and calculations is the abacus. It is one of the most important and basic devices meant for calculations. It is also remembered in history for being an important tool of economy. This counting frame or counting tool was first used in Europe, China and Russia centuries ago. It was first used in China and later it spread to Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. Today, the abacus has evolved into a tool with beads on wires in a bamboo frame. Children are introduced to this tool at a young age as a total brain development tool.

Abacus gained worldwide popularity after it was positioned as a system for children with immense potential to expand the use of their minds, in addition to making learning maths both easy and effective.

Benefits of learning Abacus for Kids

Abacus For Children

Learning to use the Abacus is easy—the child only has to move beads on a string in this instrument. This helps the child develop a pictorial image of the problem in his brain. By regular practice on this instrument, he will learn to solve problems without actually using any aid, including the Abacus. Students who learn on the abacus develop a photographic memory.

  • Abacus sharpens the brain

Abacus is known to sharpen basic math skills among young minds. Research on this subject has proved that the use of the abacus gives children, a sharp and proficient brain.

  • Abacus is a good exercise tool for the brain

Mathematics is the perfect exercise for the brain. By applying its formulae, one can tackle particular problems. The more time a child spends solving math problems, the sharper his brain. For this reason, children who are good at mathematics can tackle their other subjects at school very easily.

  • Abacus teaches speed and accuracy in Mathematics

Usually, children who don’t like mathematics try to run away from the intricacies of problem solving. Abacus helps children develop speed and accuracy in mathematics by implementing simple methods. Children who use abacus principles end up liking mathematics very soon.

  • Abacus learners are good at academics

Kids who learn the abacus aren’t just good at mathematics but they excel in all subjects at school because their concentration powers are much higher. Abacus trains them to look at a math problem and solve it by looking at it and working it out mentally. Children who develop this capacity of solving mental maths are proud of this skill and go on to becoming very confident. In time, they become all-rounders at school.

  • Abacus activates the functioning of the entire brain

While using the abacus, a child uses both hands to move the beads. This finger movement activates the brain sensors, the right hand coordinates with the left brain and the left hand coordinates with the right brain. Thereby, helping the entire brain to function well and add intellect, thus creating a math prodigy.

  • Abacus teaches children to concentrate more

By visualizing an image of an abacus in their heads, children learn to concentrate more and better.

  • Abacus teaches children logical reasoning

Children learn to solve math problems better than non-abacus learners. Not only do they learn to solve problems with decimals and integers, but also fractions, particularly when they demanded a higher level of logical thinking.

  • Abacus gives children a photographic memory

Children trained on abacus develop a photographic memory. Their capability to recall whole chunks of information is also developed, and is due to their training on the abacus.


Abacus for Kids Advantages 

  • Abacus training can help children improve their understanding of mathematics.
  • Helps build better and faster calculation skills.
  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthens the child’s memory.
  • Gives children a lot of confidence in solving mathematical problems

Abacus for Kids