9 Budget-Friendly Tips to Freshen Up Your Child’s Accessories


Decorating is a fun way to freshen up your home and make it more functional. Children’s rooms, especially, require a regular makeover – your kids grow old and they want new things to ensure the room reflects them more. But your wallet doesn’t necessarily agree with a new décor every six months. So, how can you create a budget-friendly room for kids?

The easy answer is with accessorising. You don’t need to swap the furniture; you can just create a completely new feel for the room with accessories. These offer tons of budget-friendly options that are fun and functional.

child accessories

Here are nine budget-friendly tips to freshen up your child’s room with accessories.

Tip 1: Mix DIY with bought pieces

You don’t have to do everything yourself nor do you need to buy all the decorative accessories. Simply combine the best of the two worlds and you can instantly create fun and personalised décor.

Artwork is a great example of this. Use your child’s drawings as posters and wall décor. But instead of just sticking them on the wall with bluetag, buy real frames for a polished look.


Tip 2:Paint your furniture

If you want to have a more thorough makeover in the room, consider painting the furniture. For example, your boy might have liked the wooden furniture as a toddler, but he might love a Batman black bed now that he is older. Similarly, a teenager might grow out of that pink bookshelf, but a bright red might look like new.

Tip 3: Skip the themed accessories

It’s often tempting to create children’s bedrooms with a specific theme. They might adore Peppa the Big and so you consider adding accessories with the theme in mind. However, you can create a welcoming room without having Thomas the Tank curtains in the room. Indeed, accessories in bright colour and abstract design might last longer – you could swap them around occasionally – and they generally tend to be cheaper than branded products.

Tip 4:Comfortable accessories are a must-have

Children love sitting on the floor and playing around in the room. You should, therefore, aim to make the room comfortable to play in with the help of soft rugs and pillows. Shop for basic decorative pillows from a supermarket and simply add new pillowcases to make them more suited for the child’s room. You could, for instance, buy fabrics in brighter colours or even use brand favourites. Use a no-sew tactic for creating a pillowcase and you have instantly transformed the room. The same applies to rugs – find something soft and cheap.

Tip 5: Use bunting

Bunting is a fantastic accessory that can instantly brighten up the room. It’s also great for seasonal elements – little stocking bunting for the Holidays and Easter egg inspired bunting for spring. There are tons of options and it’s one of those décor elements you can do yourself. Check out, for example, the stunning bunting ideas by Ideal Home.

Tip 6: Use wall stickers

It can be a good idea to keep the walls painted in neutral colours to guarantee you don’t need to change the colour every year. However, since you do want to add some fun to the child’s room, you should opt to use wall stickers. These can add a bit more fun and colour to the room but they are also easy to remove and change if your mood changes. Not On The High Street and Kids Wall Stickers have fun options for all sorts of budgets.

Tip 7: Mood lighting for the win

You can change how a room looks and feels simply by changing the lighting inside it. Different smart lights with their changing colours are perfect for children’s bedrooms. Children love different colours and their playtime would be totally transformed if they can suddenly make the room dark or red! You can find smart light bulbs from brands like Philips and Hive. You should also checkout different LED options and consider using lights in a more creative way – LED lights behind artwork can look super cool, for example.


Tip 8: Use voucher codes

Whenever you are looking for decorations, you need to be smart with your shopping. Compare different websites for prices and look out for discounts. Famous brands often run special campaigns online, which might not be advertised in-store. Check out Laura Ashley for great deals of quality children’s décor.

Tip 9:Ask for ideas

Finally, you shouldn’t embark on the decorative journey on your own. It might seem like your child would just want your credit card to spend on the most lavish furniture and accessories, but they might actually have great budget-friendly ideas. So, don’t be afraid to ask what they’d want to change and how they think the room could be improved. Shop together during a sale and let your child come up with DIY ideas. Not only is this more fun, but your child might even surprise you with some decorative masterpieces.

There you have it: nine budget-friendly tips for freshening up your child’s room with accessories. You can create unique rooms with a creative flair with the above mind – and your wallet will thank you as well.