7 Side Effects Of Birth Control Shots For Men


Birth control shots for men are a new trend now. Studies around the globe are being conducted to test the validity of these shots. The shots are meant to suppress the sperm count in men. But they do not intent to disrupt hormonal balance in men. The idea is to prevent the sperm production for a certain time period. That will allow men to enjoy sexual intercourse without having to worry about getting their partners pregnant. There have been contraceptive pills for men. But birth control injection shots are the latest introduction to the market.

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However, all did not go well as far as the effectively of the shots are concerned. There are severe side –effects which have been reported in many cases. Whilst in some cases it has improved the sexual drive of the individual, there had been cases where people have faced lack of sleep and loss in appetite. Some men also have experienced serious mental problems and go into depression. There are also instances where men committed suicide after taking the shot. The shot has also not been successful in all cases. There are instances where individuals after taking the shot have impregnated their partners. This article, in particular, will talk about the various side effects and concerns of male birth control shots.

7 Side Effects Of Birth Control Shots You Should Know

Increase in Sex Drive

Several men have reported an increase in sex drive after taking the shots. This is one of the most common and positive side-effects of the male birth control shots. According to the experts, the injections tend to lower the sperm count but somehow triggers the hormonal secretion. In that way the hormones increases the sex appetite. A majority of men, who have not experienced the negative side effects, have experienced an increase the sex drive.

Men Ask for More Shots

There are men who asked for a continuation of shots. This is due to the fact that they want to get rid of the hazards of other forms of contraception. A certain portion of men, who has been given the shot before, has reported that they prefer shots over condoms. In that way, birth control shots are kind of addictive.

Lack of Sleep

Birth control shots tend to make men lose sleep. This is one of the critical side effects of the shots. People undergo sleepless nights after taking the shots. The shots tend to make them anxious and restless. There are a number of men, throughout the world, who have reported that the birth control shots have made them lose quality sleep. They also reported that before taking the shots, they had normal sleep. There were no problems with their sleeping pattern, prior to the injection.


Loss of Appetite

Unlike the appetite for sex, the real appetite diminishes after taking the injections. Most of the men, who have been given the shot, have experienced tremendous loss of metabolism. They even rejected food they used to like before taking the shots. Many men also has been repulsed by the idea of having dinner or breakfast. They have also shown symptoms of lethargy. Due to lack of healthy eating the overall energy level in some men are diminishing. This kind of side effects actually questions the validity of the birth control shots. However, there are other more sever and dangerous side effects of this new healthcare intervention.

Mood Swings

Pregnancy shots in men triggers serious mood swings in men. A vast majority of the men, who have been given the shots, have reported this. Their wives or partners have reported that these men have shown tremendous fluctuations in their moods. Many of them also needed to undergo therapy and mood stabilizing medication. Sometimes the mood swings tend to become serious. They tend to lead to various levels of mental disorders. There are instances that many men had to undergo mental therapy and even had to be admitted to asylum. However, since the percentages of such cases are still low, it cannot be confirmed that the birth control pills, alone caused these problems. There could be other associated factors like drinking or prior unhealthy routines. Nonetheless, the effect is alarming.

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Many of the men with mental disorders suffered serious depression. There are a high percentage of men, who have been given the birth control injection, who has suffered from serious depression. Most of them are now under serious medication. There were also instances were men committed suicide due to such depression. Researchers claim that the mood swings, mental disorders and depression are all linked to the effect of the shot on the hormones of these men. At present the side-effects are too risky to consider birth control shots as an option for male contraception. Though the success of these shots is yet to be fully tested, the overall side effects have already affected many lives throughout the world.


About 15% of the cases have reported pregnancy after taking the shots. This is technically the percentage of failure of the birth control shots in men. That proves that the validity of the shots is not 100% tested. Many of the men, who have taken the birth control injection, have made their partners or wives pregnant within a month of taking the injections. According to the researchers the conditions under which the shots fail to work are yet to be tested and validated. That is why again it is not considered as the safest contraceptive option for men.


Till date condoms are the most effective male contraceptive. They are safe and secured and give about 98% surety. Female contraceptives or oral nature or injections also have their dangerous side effects. Male birth control injections are yet to be tested properly. So, far the side effects seem to be far from promising. It has dangerous impact on the mental health of men. The effects on their mental health are much more than the effects on their physical health. Also on occasions it has failed to prevent pregnancy. That is why doctors do not recommend the shots, as of now.