7 Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy


Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t have to mean that you stop having sex with your partner. On the contrary, bearing your condition in mind, you and your partner should find creative ways of getting together and having fun. True, people say all kinds of things about sex during pregnancy, but there are problems of comfort that couples face in this situation. This deters them from continuing with their sex lives. Though doctors encourage couples to practice sex for as long as they want, not all couples find it enjoyable.

Here are seven sex positions that will make sex really gratifying during pregnancy:

Safe Sex Positions For Pregnancy

1. Side-Lying Positions

In this position, couples lie front to front or front to back in spoon style. In this position, there’s no pressure on the back and neither partner has to worry about supporting the weight of the belly. With both partners lying down, they will be relaxed.

2. On your knees

Here, the woman must bend down to her hands and knees and be entirely on her fours. She must lean forward onto her arms and ensure her back is arched. He should kneel behind her, while he grabs hold of her by the waist and makes a rear entry. This doggy style is good for pregnancy as it becomes difficult for the woman to support the weight of her belly.

3. Woman on top

This is also called the typical cowgirl move as it puts no pressure at all on the woman’s growing belly. However, it allows her to control the depth of penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. This position is best done in the early stages of pregnancy as with a growing belly, it might not be comfortable to do later on.

sex positions during pregnancy


4. The wrap-around

In this position, the man sits on the bed, his legs stretched out in front of him. The woman then climbs on top of him and wraps her legs around him behind his waist, while he pulls her towards him. Next, the woman moves herself up and down at a speed the man can match. This position gets both partners kissing and cuddling a lot. However, it would be difficult to do this in the later stages of pregnancy.

5. Legs eleven

This is ideal for flexible women. First get your man to position himself on the bed, lying flat on his back. Then, when you’re ready climb on top of him and slowly start to spread your legs out as far as you can get them. Extra points if you can get into the splits! Once you’re comfortable, place your hands on his chest for support and rock back and forth.

Great because: It’s another variation on the Woman on Top position and is great for slow, intimate sex. For the guy, it’s a great view and he will love you taking control. Again, get him to pay attention to those sensitive nipples with kisses and caresses.

6. Saddle up

Here, the man lies down with knees bent and legs apart. The woman’s body is at a right angle and she gently lowers herself on him. She places one hand on his chest for support and the other on his lower leg just behind her. In this position, she rocks back and forth till he gets the right spot.

7. Sex On The Edge Of The Bed

This is somewhat like the traditional missionary pose, but here the woman’s vagina is directly on the edge of the bed so that it is easy for the man to penetrate her while either standing or bending down. In this position, he is in total control of the thrust and speed of penetration.


There’s nothing to stop you and your partner from enjoying as much sex as you want. In fact, you can continue to have sex even as you get really close to the due date until your doctor tells you to stop or your water bags burst. Of course, with advancing pregnancy, you might feel very uncomfortable or tired, so you might want to stop for these reasons. If you bleed after intercourse, speak to your doctor immediately so that he or she can find out the cause and ask you to come in for an examination.