7 Health Mistakes Smart Moms Make


Big Health Mistakes Moms Make Every DayAre you familiar with that woman who goes to sleep late every night making sure her son/daughter’s school lunch is prepared in advance and yet wake up early and order salads whenever you go out for lunch? It is you, isn’t it? You work out every day and yet you feel tired with the lack of proper energy intake. You feel guilty while taking care of yourself thinking that you could have spent more time with your child and in the process you end up neglecting yourself more than ever. The tummy pains and the tiredness are all tuck under the carpet for now but they are likely to come back haunting you later. Just give it a thought! Here are some pointers you can start avoiding for leading a healthy life and helping your child too! Remember, whatever you do, your child will follow. So it is important that you make a healthy routine which will help you stay strong and energetic for a longer time.

7 Health Mistakes Smart Moms Make

You Always Choose to Have Salads: Whenever you go out to have dinner outside or order food, you pick salads assuming that it is the healthiest choice. However, it is true that few portions of lettuce and sliced carrots do not really cover your required nutrition level to sustain a healthy lifestyle. A little bit of carbohydrate and fat won’t kill you. You can avoid those oily fried stuffs but slices of roasted chicken with a little bit of mash won’t kill you for sure. Moreover, it will ensure the desired balance in the nutrition you ought to have in order to remain energetic and support while your child grows-up.

Your Ear-Plugs are Way Too Loud: While jogging or working out or perhaps while commuting in a bus or a train, you are always plugged in! It is not a problem till you increase the volumes to the maximum. This habit does not only hamper your ear drums but also at the same time it is likely to make you more irritable and sometimes even if you don’t want it will make you shout at your child as your patience will also decrease. So it is best to keep the volume to about 50% and if possible use it less often.

You Avoid Getting Up on the Scale: It is not true that if you don’t weigh yourself you will not gain weight. It is important that you keep a check on your weekly or monthly weight increase (or even decrease for that matter) and you need to balance your diet on the basis of that. Avoidance is not good policy as you’re a mother now and your sudden illness might cause greater harm to your child and family.

You Don’t Take Care of your Skin: Your skin ages faster than you and you will never know when and where it lost its shin. As you see your child grow up you will also start noticing dark circles and wrinkles and right when you will think that you have time to look after yourself, you will get to know that you are a bit too late. You cannot wait to take care of yourself. You need to eat healthy and apply moisturizers and body sunscreen to keep your skin young and healthy.

You Often Forget to Floss: While you teach your child the importance of brushing twice a day you yourself often forget to floss your teeth. As you grow old, only brushing your teeth is not enough and no one else knows it better than you. As and when that ridiculous tooth-ache comes back to haunt you, you run to the dentist and take pills. But the reality is that a simple habit of flossing will save you from the trouble.


You Avoid Regular Check-Ups: When was the last time you got your blood work done? Is your blood sugar and hemoglobin reads the perfect digits? It is important, especially as a woman, to get regular doctor’s visit and get your blood tested. You will never get to know whether your heart, kidney or liver is in any sort of real danger unless you keep track of your blood. It is a good habit and you should start by testing your blood at least twice a year.

You Tend to Ignore Pain: Be it a back ache or a chest pain, you tend to suppress it and try to get along with your life. That is a wrong idea as the pain might vanish temporarily but when it will come back again, it might bring bad news for you. Suppressing or ignoring your pain is a bad idea and you should immediately visit your doctor.

It is true that you get very less time for yourself when you become a mother but it is important that you take care of your health so that your child gets more out from you. If not for yourself, follow these steps for the sake of your child.