21 Facts About Sex During Pregnancy That Will Blow Your Mind


You can often wonder whether you can enjoy a steamy time whilst being pregnant. But you are never too sure. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Yes absolutely is. No need to panic as body has its own way of protecting your baby and let you enjoy at the same time. Unless your doctor has advised against it, making love is always a safe bet while you are pregnant.

But you need to keep in mind certain things before you decide to get into the action. This is complete guide of things you must know, things you must avoid and also the sex positions you can try whilst you plan to have sex during your pregnancy.

Must Know Facts About Sex During Pregnancy

1. It is Safe

If your doctor has not given any sort of prior warning then it is always safe to have sex during your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is normal and low-risk, then it is extremely safe to have sex whilst being pregnant.

2. Avoid Getting Rough

Don’t try and do anything risky. It is not the best time to have any sort of rough or vigorous sex. This is due to the fact that anything wild might cause damage to your vagina or also the cervix. But if you still want to enjoy a rough time with your partner, whilst being pregnant, do consult your doctor. The bottom line here is that, before trying anything funny, it is always important that you discuss the things with your doctor.

3. It won’t harm your Baby

Quit worrying about the possibility of your partner’s penis hitting your baby’s head. There is no way that the penis will hit your baby’s head or anywhere else for the matter. There are reasons for that. Firstly, your baby is protected by the cervix and uterus. Both of them are not only rigid but your baby is also floating in a fluid. So, there is no way he/she will feel any sort of direct contact with a man’s penis. Second reason is that whilst having sex, the penis angles below the area where the baby rests. So you don’t need to worry at all.

Sex During Pregnancy


4. Sometimes you might feel very horny

Due to the hormonal changes inside your body, you can tend to feel horny. The urge can be really uncontrollable. This dramatic increase in sex drive is absolutely normal.

5. Sometimes You Won’t Feel like Doing It

Like the sudden upsurge of sex drive sudden fall of the urge is also natural. When you are undergoing morning sickness and concerns undergoing your body changes then it might occur that you don’t want to have sex at all. This is also a normal side effect.

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6. Oral Sex is also Almost Safe

If you are having sex with only one partner and he/she is free of STDs then in that case oral sex is absolutely normal. However, make sure that you partner, under any given condition, should not blow air inside the vagina. This can be very fatal to the bay as it might result in air embolism. This dangerous as it might travel to your child’s lung and have dreadful consequences.

7. Your Smell Might Put Your Partner Off

Don’t feel down if your partner says that you smell differently one fine morning. During pregnancy you undergo a lot of hormonal changes. On certain occasions it triggers abhorring aroma which your partner might not like. But that fades away quickly and so you can treat it as a passing phase.


8. Your Baby Won’t Feel the Difference

If you are worried that your baby might get disturbed while you are having a nice time, then worry no more because your baby will not feel the difference. It is sure to get slightly jostled but it is actually oblivion to what is going on. In fact that kind of a jostle will be felt by your baby even when you climb the stairs. So, do not worry!

9. You won’t Get Pregnant while you already are

Unprotected sex during pregnancy won’t trigger another pregnancy. That is for sure. So quit worrying and enjoy. However, in case you are having sex with multiple partners and you are not sure whether he has STD then make sure that he uses protections in form of condoms. Any kind of contamination is deadly. However, in case your partner is free from diseases and you are having unprotected sex on a regular basis, then under no circumstances that you will get pregnant again.

10. Use Protection When You are Not Sure

Unless you are 100% sure that your partner is free from any sort of STDs under no circumstances you should have unprotected sex. It is better to be safe than be sorry. So use protection in case you are having sex with more than one partner. But if you trust your partner and you are sure that it is safe then you can actually enjoy tension-free unprotected sex.

11. Masturbation is also Safe

In case of normal and low-risk pregnancies masturbation is also a safe option. You can also use vibrators. But make sure that they are mild. Also whilst using vibrators or dildos make sure that they are cleaned regularly and there should not be any risk of infections or any kind of contamination.

12. Sex won’t cause Labor

Again if your pregnancy is normal and low-risk then sex would not result in a labor or a miscarriage. While it is true that orgasm causes mild contraction in the uterine but such contractions are always temporary and harmless. Similar contractions can also be caused by nipple simulation and also by prostaglandins in the semen. But it is nothing alarming. However, if you are facing serious cramps after having sex, then it is better to consult your doctor on an immediate basis.

13. Second Trimester is the Best Time to Have Sex

Amidst all the tension and exhaustion of being pregnant, if you are wondering what is the best time to have sex while being pregnant then the answer is the second trimester. It is by far the most enjoyable time during your entire pregnancy. It is during this time around that you feel less morning sickness. Research also shows that the increased amount of blood flow in the pelvic area makes sure that you can also have orgasm.


14. Better to Avoid Anal Sex

Whilst regular vaginal sex is safe, anal sex is not advised during this time. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy you can suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation’s and it is not as enjoyable as before. Also at the same time, there is a risk that if your partner shifts from anal sex to vaginal sex, without cleaning his penis, then there is a risk of bacterial contamination in the vagina and that can actually harm your child.

15. Women on Top is the Best Position

This position is best suited for all three trimester of your pregnancy. You are also allowed to lean a bit forward and hold on to the back of the back to control the speed. This is the ideal position for most women because you don’t feel the need of spreading your legs whilst having sex. It also allows your partner to reach your clitoris and also your breasts. Research shows that this is the safest position of having sex during pregnancy as the chances of putting pressure on your womb are minimal.

16. Spooning is also a Safe bet

 You don’t have to worry about thinking that you can only have sex in one position. Spooning is also a good option. It sometimes the only option, during the third trimester your overgrown bump makes it impossible to be face to face.

During the first and the second trimester you can still try different postures but it becomes increasingly difficult when you reach your third trimester. Your partner’s hands can also reach to different places and provide you with the ultimate enjoyment.

17. Doggy Style Can also be an Option

Doggy style is also a possible position you can try, especially during your third trimester. But make sure you place a pillow or cushion to put the weight of your belly. You can also hold your position at the edge of the bed whilst your partner standing the foot of it.

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18. Make Sure that You Don’t have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a kind of syndrome which will make your wrists sore for being in the same position for too long. That is why precautions need to be taken. You must inform your partner if it gets uncomfortable. Always use pillows and cushions to support your tummy and hands and make sure that you do not exhaust your body or overstress it.

19. You can Have Sex after Four to Six Weeks after Childbirth

Depending upon the complexity of your pregnancy, you can also have sex after giving birth to your child. However, consult your doctor before you decide to make love again.

20. There is No unsafe Period

While you are pregnant, there are no unsafe periods for having sex. You can have and enjoy sex till your water breaks. But it depends on the fact that you have a risk-free normal pregnancy.

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21. Weird Sex Dreams Are Also Normal

All the hormonal changes can also trigger weird sex dreams. So it is absolutely fine if you are having sex dreams and feeling a bit kinky at the night. The rise in the estrogen level also makes it possible for you to remember your dreams. And for that reason you feel hornier at times.

Having sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe in most cases. However, it is critical that you consult your doctor before deciding on doing anything new. Ask your doctor whether your pregnancy is normal and risk-free and if he/she gives a nod, then follow our suggestions and enjoy a happy pregnancy with your partner.


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