11 Tips For Great Postpartum Sex


Giving birth to a baby brings in lot of changes in the female mind and body. The sex life of the couple also takes a break during pregnancy and after birth of the child. But, when you are looking to bring back the charm of your sex life again, here are some essential tips which are useful as well as highly effective:

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11 Tips For Better Postpartum Sex

1. Ensure that the baby is well fed and taken care of

A new mother is always wary regarding her infant. You should feed the baby well and make sure that he/she has fresh diapers so that there is no discomfort. Having a baby sitter can help in relaxing significantly as you know that there is someone with the kid.

 2. Wait till you are ready for postpartum sex

Whether it is a cesarean delivery or a vaginal one, the doctor has to give clear signal for sex. It might happen that even after getting green signal from the doctor, you don’t feel like having sex. Don’t force yourself for the activity. Take time; you need to be ready physically, mentally and emotionally. The time taken to get ready for sex post child birth varies from one woman to another.

3. Don’t have high expectations

Having sex for the first time after child birth might be quite hurting and you might have to stop mid-way. Many women are also quite scared and stop in between. Do not have high expectations from sex at this period of time as this will be stressful for you and your partner.

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4. Stop feeling low as your body is not the same

This is a common problem with most women. Before pregnancy you might have a lovely figure with curves that he loved to explore. But child birth brings in lots of physical changes in a woman. Accept your body the way it is. Infact start loving it. You just brought a new life into the world and slight figure change is nothing in comparison to the joy. Be easy on yourself.

5. Using lubrication is highly recommended

Vaginal dryness happens after child birth due to extremely low estrogen levels. Women who breastfeed face this problem even more. Dry vagina can make sex quite painful. There are two ways of dealing with the problem. One is indulging in long foreplay so that the body is completely ready for sex or using a lubricant for smooth sex.

6. Wear a bra if you feel like

Breasts become larger and more sensitive after child birth. This can be seen more in women who regularly breastfeed. During orgasm, milk can leak from the breasts and this is quite common. Wearing a supportive bra can be helpful at times.

7. Use suitable birth control method

This is a very important tip that must be followed for sure. Choose a suitable birth control method when you have sex for the first time after child birth. It is possible to get pregnant again immediately after having a baby. Be very careful. You can talk to the midwife or doctor as what kind of birth control method will be most suitable for you.

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8. Tell if sex hurts

Many women keep on tolerating the pain during sex after child birth so that their partners are not offended. This shouldn’t be done at all. Rather you must tell your partner immediately if it hurts. Stop for the day. You can always enjoy better sex later.

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9. Spend some quality time with your man

Postpartum sex need not always mean rough, hardcore sex. It can be spending quality time with your man cozily cuddling with him, relaxing in his arms or enjoy a long foreplay session. After this if you feel the need of real sex, you can always go for the same.

10. Talk if you have any fears about sex post delivery

Many women are scared of sex after child birth. They are worried that the stitches might open or would hurt in the process. Many think that early postpartum sex will lead to lots of bleeding. Talk to your partner about the fears and inhibitions in your mind regarding postpartum sex.

11. Keep faith things will get better

Do not get upset or lose hope if you have not been able to participate giving your 100% for sex after child birth. Have faith that things are surely going to get better with time. Just give yourself some time and things will start falling in place again.

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