11 Home Remedies to Treat Stuttering in Kids


As a parent, you might get baffled on hearing your little one stammering or stuttering during communication. This is more specifically noticeable when the child is over excited, frustrated, or tired. Besides, such children might also face difficulty when speaking in a non-agitated state.

To contrast the belief of many people, stuttering is not something resulting from parents’ behavior with the child. It would require very rare, very abusive parent to create that type of reaction in a small kid. As a matter of fact, many children stammer a little when learning to master the intricacies of a language.

Home Remedies to Treat Stuttering in Kids

Stuttering usually requires professional therapies to get treated. However, there are also certain remedies and therapies that can help you treat stuttering in kids at the initial stage.

1. Almonds

Soak 12-14 pieces of almonds in water overnight. Next morning, peel them and prepare a paste with some butter. Give a teaspoon of this paste with a glass of milk to your child to treat stuttering disorders.

2. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is considered as an effective remedy for stuttering and stammering problems. Ask your child to chew a small piece of Indian gooseberry to clear the speech and make it more fluent.

3. Muslin Cloth

Take a thin muslin cloth and ask your child to stick out the tongue. Hold the tip of the tongue and gently pull it using the cloth. Make sure to be gentle as being harsh can hurt the child. A small jerk once a day is sufficient. Practice this, at least for six months. However, discontinue if the child feels uncomfortable.


Treat Stuttering in Kids

4. Dry Dates

Dry dates help to eliminate stuttering problems. Boil some dry dates in milk and give it to your child before bedtime. Make sure that your child doesn’t drink water for next two hours over this milk.dry dates help to reduce the sharp and bad voice and delivers results within months.

5. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea is highly beneficial to reduce panic attacks and extreme anxiety. This way, it helps to reduce the symptoms of stuttering. Give a cup of lemon balm tea to your child once a day to reduce nervousness and relax the body.

6. Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is an age old remedy to treat stuttering problems in children. You can give it to your child, either directly or add it to some homemade butter. However, make sure that your child consumes it on an empty stomach.

7. Bay Leaf

Yet another useful remedy for stuttering disorder is use of bay leaves. It not only improves speech, but also enhances the word pronunciation. Apply bay leaf under your child’s tongue to reduce its thickness and improve speech thereafter. Try this remedy 3-4 times a day to heal stuttering problems.

8. Vallarai Leaves

Vallarai leaves are considered highly beneficial to cure stuttering problems in adults as well as kids. It can be used in different ways. You can add coriander seeds along with palm candy inside the vallarai leaves and ask your child to chew it.


Alternatively, you can also give it to your child in powdered form with water. Give it to your child two times a day to control speech disorders and other issues related to stammering. Regular consumption benefits the speech organs thus making it beneficial for stuttering and other speech disorders as well.

9. Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil is considered an effective remedy to treat stuttering in kids. Heat 10ml of Brahmi oil and massage gently over your child’s head. Leave it for about half an hour. It stimulates the brain power and also cures stuttering problems.

10. Coriander Leaves

Take a few coriander leaves and mix them with pulp of golden shower flowers and blend together to prepare a flowing mixture. Use it to gargle for 21 days to clear the speech.

11. Relaxation

Usually, kids stammer either when they are overexcited or over stressed. Deep breathing and relaxation is one of the most effective ways to reduce instances of stuttering in kids. Relaxation implies to relaxing the mind as well as body. While deep breathing exercises help to relax the mind, stretching exercises help to relax the body.

Do not fret and run helter-skelter if your child has a stammering problem. These simple home remedies can do wonders in not just treating but also preventing stuttering to a great extent.