11 Common Pregnancy Worries and How You Can Overcome Them


Did you say giving birth is easy? With different scenarios likely to crop up, an element of surprise is definitely in store on this big day. Be it your first or fourth baby, a mother is naturally inclined of being scared. Hold on! Breathe a tinge easy as real moms have put forth their pregnancy worries and how those could be overcome.

11 Common Pregnancy Worries and Ways to Overcome Them

pregnancy worries

Will I make it to the hospital on time?

It is likely that your deliver schedule is at a hospital 45 minutes away from your home which would give way to anxiety levels.

How to overcome?

An average labor span stretches to 8 hours. From a technical perspective, it might not work to your advantage, but chances of delivering a baby on a highway are rare. As soon as a baby starts to make their head down, plenty of warning signs pop up.

Being overburdened with the thought of too much pain

Pain and you might be poles apart and a thought that strikes a pregnant mother is will I be able to go through all this!


How to overcome?

Yes pain is scary! The body had to cope up with this and endorphins (hormone) are in full swing during labor process. If you want to forego pain, there is plenty of natural pain relieving methods available.

A  C – section is looming in the corner

Most mothers are petrified at the mention of a C- section and they would not like to be part of one.

How to overcome?

Being part of your birth plan, your mind should not be adverse to the idea of a C- section. There are some downsides to it like abdominal bleeding, longer recovery period, but this is not the end of the road. Just be aware of the pros along with cons of this surgical procedure.


It might sound crazy, but a lot of mothers are afraid of dying.


How to overcome?

There is nothing to fear nowadays of dying during pregnancy, but this is not the case always.  This might calm your nerves to a certain pedigree as it is an unknown phenomenon in advanced countries. It could arise due to poor medical care or prevalent complications during pregnancy.

Am I going to pop on the floor

Literally you could be popping on the floor and whether the doctor’s care or not, you do care for it.

How to overcome?

Popping on the floor when you have different people staring at you is a nightmare. On a positive level, a little dip of pop is going to get rid of your worries. Prepare your partner early on what they can expect and ask them to take it with a sense of humour.

The Epidural

Most mothers are afraid of having a needle inserted at their backs and they would want to avoid it all costs.


How to overcome?

Numerous stories would be floating around that an epidural is a gigantic or a painful needle with a smidgen of salt. Since it goes into your back you might not even see it as well. A doctor is going to apply anaesthesia so that the area is numb. Be sure to raise your concerns with your doctor so that you are comfortable.

A crazy tear

Getting an episiotomy done is going to send shivers down your spine. The private fragments being mangled would be a horrified scenario.

How to overcome?

 A vaginal birth is for sure bound to bring some tears to your eyes. Tears of first degree need small stitches and fade away quickly. It is the second degree tear that is a cause of concern. Grade 3 or 4 types of tears are on the rarer side and happens in only 4 % of deliveries

A birth plan is of no use

If you do not have a birth plan, pregnant women are scared whether any form of unwanted intervention would be given or not.


How to overcome?

Any birth plan, oral or documented form has every chance of going out of the window. A number of scenarios are likely to spring up at the time of delivery. Be aware that it is a situational call and things may not go like planned.

A recurring labour process

Would your labor process continue for an unpreceded period of time?

How to overcome?

For sure it is going to take some amount of time, but it is not long to last for eternity. As stated an average labor span is 8 hours and anything about this point of time is a rarity.  Pain levels are likely to fluctuate during this course and pain relief medications are there to cope up with it.

Delivery complications

A grave concern would be what happens if something goes wrong during the course of delivery.


How to overcome?

Any complications during pregnancy are indeed a cause of concern. Numerous factors rule the roost and things could go wrong. Unwanted scenarios could come into play and a possibility of C section is common. It does not cause any damage to the baby and with medical science at its best, mothers are aware beforehand what to expect during delivery.

Morning sickness

The morning sickness puts would be mothers in a spot of bother

How to overcome?

No offences in terms of comparison, babies are close to parasites. Even if your diet is crackers they are likely to absorb the nutrients in them. Till the point you become so sick that a lousy feeling takes over you nothing is going to have an impact on nutritional balance or your baby is going to be affected in any manner.

In a nutshell, these are some of the pregnancy myths of would be mothers. Most of them could be debunked and there is no cause of concern as well.