11 Birthday Gift Ideas for Birthday Girl


Some of the gift ideas for girls can include Barbie collection, Princess Dress, art and craft, a musical instrument, a 3-wheel scooter with basket, English learner educational book, blocks and puzzle set, talk back toys, kids jewelry set, watches and finally a soft Teddy bear.

Are you looking to buy gifts to celebrate your little girl’s birthday? Girls are always daddy and mummy’s little princesses no matter how old they become. So, they are always given the best gifts. Thankfully, it is not really difficult buy great gifts for girls.

Gift Ideas for Birthday Girl
Gift Ideas for Birthday Girl

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11 Birthday Gift Ideas for Birthday Girl

Here are the top 11 gift ideas for the little birthday girl that you can think of buying to make your little angel feel extra special.

1. Barbie Collection

If your little girl loves dolls and fashion, gifting her the best in doll series, the Barbie collection, would be a great idea. The Barbie designs and styles will definitely cause a squeal of joy when your daughter opens her gift. This collection comes in stylish designs and makeovers that your little girl can experiment and play with all day long.


2. Princess Dress

Every girl wants to look like a princess on their birthday. Give your little one a gorgeous and delicate princess dress, complete with a small crown and other finery. Not only will the gift delight your daughter, it also will be a functional gift that she can don on fancy dress competitions. You can select a dress from various themes like Barbie, Cinderella and Rapunzel to make it more colourful and fun.

3. Art and Craft

If you have a creative little girl in your house, it is best to present her with an art and craft set. Today, you can get nail art, origami kit, sewing kit and much more to unleash the creative side of little girls.

4. Musical Instrument

For all those girls who love to sing and play music, buying a musical instrument would be a memorable gift that will last for a long time. Piano, keyboards and drums in child sizes are excellent in helping kids develop their musical talent. The instruments also will keep them engaged in a constructive manner.


5. 3-Wheel Scooter with Basket

It may sound like a frivolous gift, but in reality a three-wheel scooter makes a fabulous gift for girls above 5 years of age. They can zoom around all day and will also be occupied while playing with this amazing ride.

6. English Learner Educational Notebook

The present generation is exposed to so much technology that they accept it without question and also excel in using it. So, give your little one this educational laptop to help them learn the English alphabet, numbers, colors and nursery rhymes. It makes a great gift for girls between ages of 3 and 5.

7. Blocks and Puzzle Sets

Blocks and puzzle sets are great for improving fine and gross motor skills and also for association and creative skills. Give your birthday girl a block and puzzle set, so that she can learn and build her own world with them. This gift is ideal for girls above 5 years.


8. Talk Back Toys

Girls love talking and will always spend time talking to their dolls and stuffed toys. It would be interesting to buy a talking parrot or talking Tom which will talk back and play with her and add many hours of fun and excitement to your child’s playtime.

9. Kids Jewelry Set

Regardless of the age, no girl is able to resist jewellery. So, for girls above the age of 5, a jewellery-making set is the perfect gift. She can create a whole range of jewellery for herself and her friends. Look for themed jewellery making kit, such as My Little Pony, Hello Kitty and Disney, to make it more appealing.

10. Watches

Gifting your young birthday girl with a stylish, dial printed watch could make a great gift. It is the right gift to teach little girls how to read time. And, the best part is you can get watches for little birthday girls in different designs and themes, such as characters from Frozen, Barbie Princess and even Disney characters. Just make sure you spend money on a watch that is durable, scratch-proof and water-resistant.


11. Soft Teddy Bear

Little girls are little mothers. They mother their dolls and soft toys just like their mums. So, add to your little one’s collection by gifting her a plush, soft toy. Give your little one a large stuffed teddy bear, one that she can hug and cuddle throughout the day. It will become her best friend!

There are many other things that you can buy your little girl for her birthday. Use these birthday gift ideas to help you select an interesting, memorable and useful gift, one that she will cherish all her life.