11 Awesome Gadgets to Help You Be a Better Parent


Parenting invariably turns out to be a daunting task, irrespective of how you brace yourself up for the situation. You may read loads of blogs and keep multiple domestic help at home to deal with the sweet challenge, but someone knows the best strategy to drive your patenting to the next pedestal. Technology. From feeding habits of the child to entertainment, every experience in the life of your little one can be wrapped with pleasure and excitement, thanks to the cool gadgets that have been invented in the last couple of decades.

Dive into the latest world of gadgets and create a honeyed ambience for your child. Have a look at eleven awesome gadgets that can help you to be a better parent.

11 Baby Gadgets That Make Parenting Easier

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Pacifier thermometer: Just imagine that your kid has a fever and you need to check the temperature in the middle of the night. Kicking legs, wriggling arms and short yelps. Escape from the old-fashioned reality when you used the traditional thermometers to get the temperature of the child. The pacifier thermometer can note the body temperature of the child in a jiffy, without disturbing the sleep. You need not even remove the diapers or clothes while applying the gadget. This is something all parents must have at their disposal.

Video baby monitor: You may be in the next room or working in the kitchen, just carry a baby video monitor with internet connection to check out what your little one is doing back in his cot. These portable devices help parents to keep a track of the activities of the child when he is alone. You can simply sit elsewhere and watch the latent instincts of your child when he is awake. This gadget enables you to assess the safety of your child round the clock.

Baby shusher: You may be tired of digging out new strategies to stop your baby from crying. You may have run out of all the tricks you learnt from the older mothers, or just find it difficult to strike the right chord. Buy a baby shusher to help the child experience the ambience inside a womb. Yes! That is what your kid craves for. The natural stimulation and sounds inside the womb are mimicked by this strange yet friendly gadget, and it can stimulate its nerves to create a pleasant sensation. No wonder, parents will add a new tactic to put them to sleep.


Baby food-cook: Making baby food can be quite exciting. If your child is tired of damn vegetables, you can use this device, known as Baeba Babycook to create food for the baby based on your innovation. You can break the rules and cook anything with this gadget. It helps you to steam, heat up, defrost or blend anything you want by adjusting the temperature. You can make juices, vegetable soups, shakes and so on in just 15 minutes when you have this device.

Itzben Pocket Nanny: It takes time for new mothers to get back to the regular course of life after a child is born. You may find it hard to recall when you last fed your baby, or when was the last time you changed his diapers. Well, you will have someone to keep a record of all these activities and simplify the process. It has a digital display, showing when the baby last napped, ate or had the diapers changed.

Watch over me dream station mobile: Ever wondered about putting your kid back to sleep without waking up yourself? Sounds magical? But it’s true. Get this smart gadget that can track the stage of your baby’s sleep. It can create a favourable ambience for your child and pamper him to sleep. It can rock him in a to and fro motion, fix up a bottle for him and help him to fall asleep. It is a sophisticated gadget which knows when your child is going to wake up.

Pocket stroller: If you desire to carry a stroller wherever you go, try out a pocket stroller. It has the features of a normal baby stroller, coupled with the ability to be folded up. You can carry it in a small bag dangling from your back. The compact gadget has a dimension of 12” by 14” by 7”. You can simply carry it wherever you go.

Smart car seat: When you take your kid for a ride, bumpy roads and potholes may be a reason for your concern. Even if you keep an eye on the child sitting on the regular car seat, accidents do occur. A smart car seat has a motorized technology that raises the seat level in the desired position. It is connected to your mobile device through an app, through which you can monitor the condition of the fixture. It has a digital display that guides you where exactly you need to adjust the height of the seat.

Self-warming bottle: You no longer need to make trips to the kitchen to warm milk for your kid. The self-warming bottle just needs to be filled up with milk or other health drink. It is powered by heating cartridges that you need to insert in the heating chamber of the bottle. These are disposable and eco-friendly. Fill up the bottle and shake it well to get the milk ready in four minutes.


Electric breast pump: The most common hitch faced by working mothers is the lack of privacy when it comes to breast-feeding. Now mothers can carry an electric breast pump that creates the sensation of natural breastfeeding. It is actually a sophisticated feeding bottle that can mimic the feeding pattern of your kid. You can carry it anywhere you feel like.

mamRoo swing: The concepts of rocking chairs and traditional swings fast growing old, you need to try out something out of the box. What if you can give your child the experience of a car ride in the bedroom? This is actually a technically advanced bouncy chair that can help your child fall asleep easily. You can select a mode of movement and take a leave from troublesome efforts of singing your child to sleep.

With all these devices around you, you can experience a seamless parenting life. Mothers know the best about their child, but technologies are fast catching up!